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Be Your Own Boss

By being involved with Forever Living Products you can be your own boss. You will be in business for yourself but not by yourself. As the boss, you alone decide how big you want to grow and at what speed.

Hours To Suit You

Yes, you are the boss! You decide when you want to work and how long you want to work for. FLP can give you the income to use your free time however you want.

Perhaps you want longer holidays to visit far off places or far off loved ones. Perhaps you want more time for your pastimes or sport.

Or, perhaps you just want to take life more leisurely and work less hours a day.

Supplement Your Pension

FLP is a thirty year old debt-free private company operating in almost 150 countries worldwide. From year one the turnover and profits have increased, even in the years of recession!

Traditional pensions from the pension companies and/or the state die with you.

FLP however can provide an income not only for your life but can also provide an income for your heirs. The ‘royalty’ income (just like that of an author or ‘pop’ star) can be willed so that the business you have built can benefit your children.

Training And Support

We look forward to showing people our business and helping them to not only get started but to continue supporting them.

FLP give superb continuous training all over the UK. And the training is fun, informal and inexpensive whilst giving extra knowledge to help you in your business.

The support FLP gives to it’s distributors is second to none. The person who sponsors you may be able to help answer any query, but if not, the FLP Advisory Board is there to answer any questions on the products, advertising and anything to do with the business.



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